Kobi Karp Archit?ctur? and Int?rior D?sign, Inc., a distinguish?d full-s?rvic? archit?ctur? firm, off?rs an ?xt?nsiv? array of planning, archit?ctur?, and int?rior d?sign s?rvic?s. Sp?cializing in archit?ctur? d?sign?rs in Miami and innovativ? archit?ctur? d?sign in Miami, th? firm's portfolio spans from intricat? mix?d-us?, condominium, hospitality, and comm?rcial structur?s to uniqu?ly craft?d luxury r?sid?nc?s. With a track r?cord of ov?r two d?cad?s, th? company has succ?ssfully d?liv?r?d outstanding proj?cts totaling mor? than $36 billion and has garn?r?d num?rous accolad?s for its ?xc?ptional d?signs.
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